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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

When we get asked why hunt? It’s for 4 reasons. First of all, it’s by tradition. Yes, I learned from my father who learned from his father but it's also in my blood for generations.

Since the dawn of humanity there are hunters. By necessity, they did it at first to feed themselves and defend themselves. As you know, our ancestors in North America hunted. They hunted mainly because the economy of the colony revolved around the fur trade. Although this is no longer the main reason, today we continue the tradition of hunting.

Another reason to hunt is species control. About 150 years ago, the first wildlife protection officers in Canada were created right here in Quebec. These protectors of wildlife resources were obliged to apply the law but also protect the fauna and the flora. Farmers are the first to look for a hunting license. They hunt to limit the damage on their plantation. Hunters eliminate wildlife that could come to the quality of their own land. They regulate the species and they maintain biodiversity.

If you take the bear for example, this animal can cause a lot of damage to the territories and farmland. Although the bear may sometimes be considered a pest when roaming near humans, it is a resource that must be managed.

If we are talking about moose, in some cases, moose damage trees, shrubs in gardens or woodlots. Moose appetite for roots could put the forest industry at risk. This is why it is very important to avoid overcrowding in certain territories.

We can also talk about hunting as a sport. Since the dawn of time, hunting is a gentleman's sport. in the wealthy bourgeoisie, the hunt has always been a pretext to get out his best clothes on Sunday morning, and jump on his horse.

Moose hunting was an important part of the history and traditions of Quebec and Canada. Moose is a bit like the forest king. It is the largest mammal in North America. His impressive panache, strength and endurance helped to make him a coveted animal.

For bear hunting, it was at the end of the fifties that the sport made its appearance. In the 1960s and 1970s, the bear was hunted on the occasion of stag or moose hunting expeditions. In the early 1980, the market was developed and the management of the bear was undertaken.

Even if today's society is more techno. Even though there are more people living in a big city, connect to the wildlife is still important. Hunting is an art of living. It can also be a reason to socialize. Whatever your reasons for hunting are, alone, in a group or with your family, you must do it by pleasure.

Want to discover our part of country? Contact Marc-Olivier at 1-581 999-1857 black.bear.noel or Maxime at 1-581 490-3722 fox_mux

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