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Bear hunting

If you looking for adventures, you come to the right place!

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  • Black bear hunt is between may 20th and june 20th.


  • You will get an opportunity at a shot of a mature Black Bear. We cannot guarantee the size or sex of the bear.

  • A bear that is not found after the shot considered your only shot allow. Shots are 30 yards or less.

  • Sighting range is available prior starting your hunt.

  • To help with the planning, we can only confirm your reservation upon the receipt of 800 US$ deposit.

  • Free cap after deposit.

  • Deposit is non-refundable, but you can find another hunter to take your place.

  • There is a 600 US$ fee for each non-hunting guest, when room is available.

  • The balance due is to be paid upon arrival at camp.


  • For payment,we able to accept interact transfer by credit card, cash or money order. All fees are to be paid in US currency.

  • You are responsible for being in compliance with Canadian and US customs.

Note that we limit the number of bear we hunt, so we recommend booking 1 year in advance.


(contact the seller for more details)


 the trip includes:


  • 3 meals cooked

  • Six days trip, five days hunting

  • All guide fees and services

  • Skinning of your bear

  • Lodging at campsite with full kitchen and batch

  • All hunting licenses and registration of your kill

  • Freezing of the meat

  • Fishing boat available (you must pay your fishing license)

  • 100% success in the past 23 years

Note that the fishing fee is 50 US$ per person and the reservation is 800 US$

A Typical Bear Hunting Day

  • Get up at the hour you want but sooner the better​

  • Have a big breakfast that we cooked

  • The boat is gassed up and you could go fishing if you want

  • Your main meal is ready to be eat

  • At 3pm, we will take you to your hunting cache (the furthest cache is 2 hours away) 

  • Around 4:30pm, it's time to get the big one until the sunset

  • Have a late lunch and relax

  • It's time to sleep

Equipment Required

  • Comfortable seat cushion for tree stand

  • Gun or bow or cross bow

  • State hunting license, from the state you reside in

  • Warm clothing

  • Rubber boots

  • Flashlight

  • No-scent spray

  • Flagging tape

  • Rain gear

  • Large cooler

  • Fishing gear

  • Rubber surgical gloves

  • Sharp knives

  • Thermacell

Gun Rental

  • Bullets and arrows provided

  • Wide range of models available:

  • 300wsm

  • 308

  • 6.5 Credmoor

  • 30-06

  • Crossbow

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