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In 1996, the owner Carl Bonneau welcomed the first visitors. For several years, mainly Americans came to hunt on the land. The abundant place in bears and moose was only known by word of mouth.

Since 2019, Marc-Olivier Noël and Maxime Fortier, two hunters accustomed to the place, are the new owners of Black Bear Adventures Quebec. Both are soldiers in Canadian Armed Forced. Upon their arrival, they did a lot of renovation work on the chalet and the facilities. Marc-Olivier and Maxime do not count their hours of work on the place to put it to the taste of the hunters.


The area around is sparsely populated, with less than two inhabitants per square kilometer. The district is part of the Boreal Climate Zone. The average annual temperature in the zone of -2 ° C. The hottest month is June with an average temperature of 16 ° C and the coldest in January with a temperature of -22 ° C. The average annual rainfall is 1080 millimeters. The driest month is September, with an average of 147 mm precipitation 37 mm. The month of February is the driest month of the year. Our area is abundant in wildlife.  Bears and moose like forests with streams and ponds. Our areas are ideal habitat for them.


Bachois Lake is one of our biggest lakes. This layer of water, shared between the townships of Mignault and Cazeneuve, is located about 5 km north-west of Cazeneuve Lake and about 15 km north of Aigremont Lake and Chibougamau-Saint-Félicien Road. It flows on Lake Bouteillet and the lake of Petits Rapides, in the Little River Chief, which flows into the river La Loche, tributary of Ashuapmushuan.

Approved by the Geography Commission in 1935, this place name is honored by Pierre-Jean Bachoie (Bachois), known as Baraute (Barraute) (1723-1760), from the outskirts of Namur, Belgium. Captain in the regiment of Béarn, he will be seized in April 1760 and will die the following month. He was Knight of St. Louis. Variation: Lake of the Line.


Hermé Lake is 407 meters above sea level. The area is 0.16 square kilometers. It is located to the left of Lake Bachois. The highest point in the vicinity is at 442 meters above sea level, 1 km southwest of Hermé Lake. It extends 0.6 kilometers north-south and 0.7 kilometers east-west.

This name recalls a municipality of France (Seine-et-Marne), district of Provins, canton of Bray-sur-Seine.

Want to discover our part of country? Contact Marc-Olivier at 1-581 999-1857 black.bear.noel or Maxime at 1-581 490-3722 fox_mux

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