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Questions for owners of Black Bear Adventures Quebec

I recently sent a short questionnaire to the owners of Black Bear Adventures Quebec in order to get their opinion on some hunting related topics, their recommendations and some tips on big game hunting. It was very interesting and very rewarding to have their point of view on the most beautiful sport in the world.

Best pheasants/ small Hunt Weapons:

410 or 22 caliber

Best moose weapons

7mm, 300, 308, 30-06, it goes with the comfort of each, for me the 7mm is more precise and a recoil that has the pace with an interesting shooting distance.

Best weapons for bears

Same as for moose as it is a big game hunting

What do we need in the wood as equipment when we leave exactly?

Flashlight, a weapon, knife, lighter, water, food. GPS

It takes a Gps because the cell has no signal in the wood.

What do we use to attract bears?

Basically it is a secret recipe that we use as Bait and it works great.

What do you use to attract the originals?

Anise, salt and minerals

Do you use cameras?

Useful to see the game that comes to your bait

Why do you hunt?

By tradition

To help the species population

By passion

As a Sport

It can be any of those reasons, all of them are good reasons.

What does overpopulation of species have on nature?

Harm other species of animals and plants

Give me recipes you make with bears and moose?

Fondue is really good

Marinated and put it on the BBQ.

What distinguishes zone 28/ our zone from others?

Many woodland and lakes.

Plenty of bear

What is the difference between Black Bear Adventures and a SEPAQ outfitter?

- The price

- The service guide

- The 100% guarantee of opportunity to kill a mature black bear.

Why solar panels on the cottage?

To be ecologic and independent to consume electricity.

Internet connection works great at the camp

Tell me the steps I need to follow for a successful Hunt?

Licenses to carry weapons through the border

License and paperwork for the weapon

What time are there mosquitoes?

Late June is the worst time for mosquitos.

We use thermacell

Do not hesitate to contact us


Black Bear Adventures QC

Maxime Fortier / Marc-Olivier Noel

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